The name
The name refers to the geometrical form of the lamp: It's a convex (german: konvex) part of a ball - a convex lens.

The materials and the principle
Konvex is made of powder-coated 2 mm aluminium sheet-metal. It's constructed of high-precision laser-cut parts, that are just tucked together. No screw has to be turned to change the illuminant. Konvex can be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall.

Technical Data
- Konvex L: Ø 600 mm x 165 mm, 230 V,
   one QT18 (T4) halogen illuminant, max 150 W
- Konvex S: Ø 300 mm x 100 mm, 230 V,
   one QT14 (G9, T4) halogen illuminant, max. 75 W

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