The Name
The name refers to the geometrical form of the lamp. It is long and slim like a spear.

The Materials
The head of Stalk is made of heatresistant DURAN®-glass. The Stern and the lamp holders are made of stainless V2A steel. The base is made of natural stone - you can choose between either Basalt or polished/burnished Slate.

The Dimmer
The Dimmer operates by touching: Simply touch the stern or the base lightly to dim or switch the lamp on and off. A short touch to switch Stalk on or off - longer to dim.

- Height 1,60 m or 1,10 m

Technical Data
Height: 1,60 m or 1,10 m
Foot: 19 cm x 19 cm x 4 cm
Head: Diameter 80 mm, Socket G4 - G6.35
Illuminant: Halogen 12 V / 5 - 50 W
Dimmer: Touch Dimmer 230 V / 60 W @ 50 Hz

Where to buy: Stalk is produced and sold by Arteverre

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