The 1 SYSTEM System

The Name
1 SYSTEM is a system. A system to create objects from sheet metal. Just by tucking them together and locking them with a shim.

The Material
Laser-cut stainless steel. Nothing else - except glass on some models.

The principle
Two sheet metal parts are tucked together. Two washers prevent them from being dislocated or disarranged.

The Objects
(all units mm)
- Candleholder for 22 mm candles, large 80 x 80 x 150
- Candleholder for 22 mm candles, small 80 x 80 x 50
- Teapot warmer, mono-candle 170 x 170 x 68
- Teapot warmer, tri-candle 170 x 380 x 68
- Storm light, for 50 mm candle 144 x 144 x 220

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